WP1: Actualisation of the scene



This work package covers an actualisation of the current scene with respect to

  1. availability of underspent side-streams

  2. legal aspects related to use of insects

The latest state-of-the-art on a European wide level will be updated for a number of key aspects, based on  available regional/European studies, databases and experiences from (industrial) partners and stakeholders. 

Based on the collected information, a final selection of side-streams will be selected to be considered in the practical part of the InDIRECT project. This selection will aim to cover a season-round availability of side-streams.


On August 31st 2017, a Public deliverable on legal framework and bottlenecks related to the use of insect derived products was released (download).




WP-leader: Innovatiesteunpunt (B)

Involved partners: VITO (B), Nutrition Sciences (B), University of Parma (I), Chemstream (B) & Proti-farm R&D (NL)