WP5: Product formulation and application tests


The objectives in this work package are to formulate the recycled compounds from WP1 & WP2 (fractions from plant residues such as proteins and bio-active components, fractions of insects such as chitin, proteins and bioactive components) into products for specific applications.

  • The recycled components with potential for feed applications will be evaluated by a dedicated feed producing company.  Outcomes of WP4 will reveal the potential of the recycled compounds for application related to specific bio-activities, in casu anti/pro-microbial potential, agglutination potential, anti-oxidative potential.

  • The potential of chitin and chitosan will be evaluated towards biobased dispersants, emulsifiers and encapsulating agents for agriculture, cosmetic and formulation industries.

  • During the project, potentially additional application field will be identified.








WP-leader:  Nutrition Sciences (B)

Involved partners: Chemstream (B), University of Parma (I), VITO (B),  Innovatiesteunpunt (B)